Ultimate Gravattack
Ultimate Gravattack ben
General Information
Species Evolved Galilean
Home Planet {{{home planet}}}
Body Planetary
Abilities Gravikinesis
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Sharp Mountain Peaks
Space Survivability
Voice Actor David Kaye

Ultimate Gravattack is the Ultimatrix's evolved form of Gravattack.


Ultimate Gravattack resembles his devolved form but floats entirely by manipulating his gravitational field. His skin crust becomes more jagged, as crests and peaks form on the surface. His planetary core is engulfed in his mouth also now, with a green spiral circling outwards. His hands are much larger than Gravattack's. His planetary core is now green.

The most notable change, however, are the two smaller orbiting planetoids that spawn around him, caught in his gravitational field. They each have a little face on them that resembles Gravattack's original form in orbit mode.

Powers and Abilities

Like his devolved form, Ultimate Gravattack can control gravity to manipulate weight of objects, motion of objects, or slam them down to the ground with ease. Ultimate Gravattack can make matter or energy orbit around him.

Ultimate Gravattack can also manipulate his own gravity in order to levitate.

Like Gravattack, his three smaller orbiting planetoids also have gravikinesis.

Being made of rock, plus his naturally large size, Ultimate Gravattack has enhanced strength and durability.

The long, pointy mountain peaks on his head and arms could easily be used as a sharp weapon.


Ultimate Gravattack's large size makes fitting in smaller spaces difficult.

When he is running, he is slow because of his large body size.