General Information
Body Humanoid Bird
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Reflexes
Retractable Talons

Recouletoids are a humanoid bird-like species from an unknown planet.


This species has a very wide variety in plumage, and that their king resembles a peacock.


This species finds hard to resist eating bird food.


Recouletoids have retractable talons from their fingers, and scythe-like blades from their elbows. They can cut objects by using the sharp blades on their arms. They also have enhanced strength, durability, agility and reflexes.

Recouletoids fight almost exclusively with their legs, which have surprising flexibility and dexterity as he is able to reach out and grab objects much like an arm. Their kicks can generate powerful shockwaves which sends his enemies flying. They are able to kick an object with enough force equivalent to a cannonball. Recouletoid can run very quickly.

Recouletoids are capable of withstanding the vacuum of space, but they still need to breathe to survive. Without an oxygen-supply, Recouletoids are limited to holding their breath.