General Information
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Body Humanoid Beetle
Abilities Sphere Transformation
Portal-based Teleportation
Flamer Resistant
Sharp Spikes

Portaler is the Omnitrix MK10's DNA sample of an unknown species from an unknown planet.


Portaler resembles a cross between a turtle and a beetle. He has segmented yellow arms and legs that end in stumps, with blue sleeve-like plating on his shoulders. He has a turtle-like face with sunken green eyes and visible nostrils, and has two beetle-like antennae ending in green bulbs. His skin is green, and has a blue, yellow and green circular pattern on his stomach. On his back is a blue, turtle-like shell with a green rim and green rock-like spikes on it.

Portaler wears the Omnitrix on the green armor plate on top of his head.

Powers and Abilities

Portaler can roll into a ball with red and green spikes showing, similar to what Ultimate Cannonbolt can do.

He has the power to teleport people and objects at an increased rate.

His shell is flame-proof and is flame resistant.

He can shoot spikes when he is in ball mode also.


He isn't very fast when walking, only when he is rolling.

He is not that strong; only being strong enough to lift 50 lbs.



  • Portaler is the first alien to debut in an online game.
  • Portaler's Spin Dash is similar to the Spin Dash of Sonic the Hedgehog.


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