General Information
Home World Unknown (native; destroyed)
Body Liquid Slime
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shapeshifting
Acidic Slime
Slime Projection
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Flexibility

Polymorphs are a species from the molten planet of Viscosia.


When their original home planet was destroyed under mysterious circumstances, the Polymorphs' scientific community sent explorers out into the universe to find a suitable planet to relocate their species. Viscosia was an uninhabited planet, it is here in the intense heat, among the unstable solids, that Polymorphs made it their new home planet.


Polymorphs are unicellular organisms that are generally green in color, however they do come in different colors. They are gelatinous humanoids with a pointed head and an asymmetrical, drippy amoeba-like shape.


According to Matt Wayne, he imagines Polymorphs to be scavengers, dissolving and processing any unclaimed organic matter.

Powers and Abilities

Polymorphs can revert to a puddle, a shapeless mass or mimic the shape of something else.

Physically harming a Polymorph is extremely difficult as solid objects and even energy passes through them without any damage.

Polymorphs have strong digestive acids, which can be used as an offensive weapon, either by smothering something or releasing a sort of corrosive gas. They can throw, spray and shoot either acidic, corrosive, or adhesive slime.

They are shown to be quite strong, enough to overpower humans by submerging them in their own mass or by stretching over them.

They can regenerate, rebuild and reconstitute themselves near instantly.


The Anti-Gravity Projector is not native to the Polymorphs; they are for Polymorphs that travel to planets with stronger gravity then Viscosia. The slime is normally in a humanoid shape with a pointed head, narrow eyes and spikes on their shoulders. The device allows them to increase their strength enough break apart Techadon Robots from the inside and effortlessly overpower humans or someone as strong as Magister Prior Gilhil.


On planets with stronger gravity than Viscosia, Polymorphs are tied to their Anti-Gravity Projectors and lose control of their forms if they are separated from their projectors.