General Information
Predator Terroranchula
Body Insectoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Spitting Explosive Plasma Balls
Enhanced Agility
Fitting into small places
Wall Climbing

Plasolans are a small insectoid species from an unknown planet.


Plasolans are a small insectoid species. They are yellow in color with black eyes and pupils. They have four stick legs and a beak along with an antenna.

Powers and Abilities

Plasolans can spit green sticky energy balls that they can use to absorb matter with, which causes the ball to grow up, then roll up on it, launch it, and make it explode on impact.


Plasolans can be hurt by their own plasma balls if they are reflected back at them.

Plasolan's goo balls can be neutralized by Terroranchula's energy webs. This species can also get trapped in Terroranchula's webs.

Plasolans can get stuck in their own goo.