Julie Yamamoto-Tennyson
General Information
Species Human
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Voice Actor Kari Wahlgren

This version of Julie Yamamoto is from an alternate timeline. She first appeared in the episode, Just Ben.


She looked like she did in Omniverse, but with shorter hair and she is 30 years older. She now has a red sweater and a white shirt. She wears white leggings too.


In this alternate timeline where Jack Jenie got the Omnitrix instead, she appears. She is 46 years old and is married to Ben Tennyson. She is the mother of David Scott Tennyson and Jonah Luigi Tennyson. She, along with her sons, assisted Ben in helping him trick Jack into saying that he wished he never received the Omnitrix. After that, this timeline, along with this Julie and her sons, was erased from existence.


Julie is much like her prime counterpart except she is much more quiet and shy and likes Ben for just who he is. At first she persuaded Ben not to try and get the Omnitrix from Jack but she couldn't get him to change his mind. She later helps him defeat Jack.


She doesn't have any powers since she is a human but she is good at tennis.


  • She has the weaknesses of any human.
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