Gimlinopithecus are a yeti-like species from the planet Pattersonea.

TNO Gimlino
General Information
Home World Pattersonea
Body Sasquatch


Gimlinopithecus are large, muscular, furry, yeti-like creatures. They have bolts on different parts of their body, and so far they have been on their wrists and neck. Gimlinopithecus faces are grey.

Male Gimlinopithecus tend to have yellow fur, with black fur on their limbs and white fur bordering these areas. Gimlinopithecus from Dimension 23 have blue fur instead of black and pale blue instead of white.

Female Gimlinopithecus have a higher proportion of white fur on their body, and are a paler shade of yellow and don't have black fur. They also have a more feminine figure.


Due to the lethal zones on their home planet, Gimlinopithecus adopted a nomadic lifestyle.


Similar to Cerebrocrustaceans, Gimlinopithecus can release strong, yellow electrical charges from their hands, mouth and body, capable of shocking a creature much larger than them.

By covering objects with their electricity, Gimlinopithecus can telekinetically move them.

Gimlinopithecus are rather agile, and can run on all fours.

Their thick fur protects them if they wander too far into the frozen zone, while their electric field can temporarily shield them from the cosmic radiation if they find themselves in the irradiated areas.

Gimlinopithecus have enhanced strength.


Even though, they resist both to cold temperatures and cosmic radiation, these can still be lethal to them after a period of time.

Notable Gimlinopithecus