General Information
Body Humanoid Devil
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Breaking Machinery
Fixing Machinery
Modifying Technology
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Intelligence
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Speed (while breaking/fixing machinery)

Diabosians are an unknown species from an unknown planet.


They are small, reddish gremlin-like species. Some of them grow facial hair.

Powers and Abilities

Diabosians have the ability to dismantle or reassemble any machinery at a fast rate.

Diabosians are pretty strong for their size, Jury Rigg being strong enough to break a metal brake in half. Diabosians are very agile.

Diabosians have an impressive knowledge of machinery and engineering.

According to Matt Wayne, this species is intelligent.


This species live on a junkyard-like planet, which they are constantly disassembling and reconfiguring.

When members of this species are bored, they like to fix things.