General Information
Species 1/3 Chronosapien
1/3 Unknown
1/3 Celestialsapien
Home Planet {{{home planet}}}
Body Robotic humanoid
Abilities TBA
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker

Clocktomic-X is the Biomnitrix's DNA sample of a Chronosapien, a Celestialsapien, and an unknown species.


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Powers and Abilities

Clocktomic-X can slow down time around himself, making it look like to others that he is moving at very high speeds.

By rotating the key on his head, Clocktomic-X can create a projection of what happened in the past or create a time portal.

Clocktomic-X can travel through time.

Clocktomic-X can fire green time rays from his hands or chest which have various effects, such as sending people back in time or into a different timeline, aging an object/person to dust, or restoring individuals who have been erased from time.

Because he is as a technological being, it is possible for a Galvanic Mechamorph to merge with Clocktomic-X, enhancing his abilities. When upgraded, Clocktomic-X's time rays become stronger, his speed and stamina increases to superhuman levels, and he gains the ability to morph his hands into drills, as well as shoulder-mounted rocket launchers.

Clocktomic-X is omnipotent, being able to warp reality, time, and space with ease and at any level he wishes. Even his thoughts can become real.

Clocktomic-X can create time waves to reverse events.

Clocktomic-X can create an entire universe at will. He is also very durable.

Clocktomic-X can self-duplicate and create galaxies to suck in other beings. He is also capable of high speed travel, superhuman strength, and the ability to grow to a gigantic size. He appears to be skilled at hand-to-hand combat.

Clocktomic-X possesses telekinesis and is capable of deflecting attacks.

Clocktomic-X can create and manipulate nuclear energy using his hands, which can do a massive amount of damage to its surroundings. Fundamentally, he is a walking nuclear reactor. The way he creates the blasts is by chanting TI-MEE-TIME TA-MEE-TIME TI-MEE-TIME-TA!" It is not crucial for Clocktomic-X to chant every attack, but doing so will focus an attack's power and cause substantially more damage.

Clocktomic-X is able to activate his cylinders on his arms and his Omnitrix-shaped chest to melt nearby objects.

Clocktomic-X is strong enough to take out Negative Ultimate Humungousaur with a single punch, or kick an object up nearly past a planet's atmosphere. His hard body gives him substantial protection against physical attacks.

Clocktomic-X is capable of flight.

Cloctomic-X's known attacks include:

  • Time Whistle: A flying ramming attack that tosses the enemy around in time.
  • Omnipotent Winner: A massive blast of energy that can easily knock out Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey and other enemies, as well as devastate the surrounding area.
  • Fusion Cuisine: A fusion ball, which can burn up Zs'Skayr and greatly harm Lord Transyl. He can also make the attack continue even after he turns back.


Clocktomic-X is not very durable

When a Squid Monster struck the key on his head, Clocktomic-X was badly stunned.

Because of his large body, Clocktomic-X is quite slow and low on stamina. Therefore, he tires out quickly.

Time has no effect on gumballs and diamond, so Clocktomic-X's time rays are virtually useless on those items.

The use of Clocktmic-X's powers create a ripple effect in time which can be sensed or reversed by another Chronosapien and can be sensed by Eon.

Clocktomic-X is vulnerable to having his powers absorbed.

Other Celestialsapiens can harm Clocktomic-X.

Even Clocktomic-X can't survive on Anur Vladis.

Clocktomic-X is boundlessly overconfident and can cause a total meltdown.

Clocktomic-X can get tired after using up most of his nuclear energy or time beams.



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